Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Young & Restless

images: via vanillascented

There was a lot of controversy surrounding this little girl's editorial. I say the younger the better. It is breath taking to see such a young girl be apart of such influence in fashion. I believe you're born a fashionista it's in your blood.

Chic Afternoon.

 Some chic inspiration from one of my all time bloggers Late Afternoon
everything she does has an Audrey Hepburn chicness to it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Five Faves: Couture Shows

I am super super excited NYFW will begin so soon. I just recently landed an amazing internship at Factory PR, which I will be staring this Monday!! I am so overly joyed because this company is a major PR firm in fashion and represents so many amazing brands, so this year I am hoping to be part of the chaos that all fashionistas live for.. FASHION WEEK. One of my favorite sites to keep up with whats going on in this amazing world of ours is NYMag.com. They do such an amazing job covering every show, party and event in fashion, and the images and videos of runways are spectacular, so in lieu of the upcoming shows I've posted below my top 5 favorite couture fashion shows straight from the paris runways. (videos via nymag.com)

Anyone have any other favorite runway shows couture or RTW?  

Christian Dior
I loved the fun, funky prints and pastel colors incorporated in their fall couture line it was almost like a fashion circus I loved how out of the box it was. 

Elie Saab
(one of my all time favorite designers) I love the way the colors and fabrics are so angelic, and  heavenly, but with lots of sheer to add sex appeal.
This collection felt very sixteenth century I immediately thought Romeo & Juliet but with some modern edge.

At this showing of the collection the pieces are like works of art, so much intricate detail. I just wished I could have seen them on models instead of mannequins they deserved to be brought to life with movement.
Armani Prive
This was my favorite line. I loved how asian inspired this collection was. The vivid colors and floral prints, but most of all the strong structured silhouettes the pieces had.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

burning light.

images: personal

since the last time I went shopping feels like light years ago I decided to post some images of some of my favorite fairly new items in my closet. I'm in love with the forever 21 dress I'm wearing above, the burnt orange tone gives it a vintage feel and I love the tiers that keep it feminine. If you've been following my blog you'll remember my deep obsession with finding those JS pumps in that vibrant greenish color that were sold out for months... HA! to those who doubted me! because low and behold the new edition to my shoe collection is in fact those SOLD OUT PUMPS! mwahaha. (ok I'm a little excited) but seriously I can't even believe myself that I finally got them :) I've also got a few new books, the coco chanel gospel being my fave. Some fun blazers for summer also found a new home in my closet, as well as the cutest kate spade espadrilles with metallic gold ribbon stripes, which in a secret confession I wear like everyday. They're so comfy and so cute and (according to me) go with everything! ehh. let me live. Ohhh. and how could I forget? the absolute most gorgeous crochet skirt you could ever find (see below waaaaay below). In person I talk fast.. have you caught on to that by the way I write? haha.

I promised myself and crossed my heart that I will put more effort into my mini master piece (I'm referring to my blog, ofcourse.) so here begins day one: the effort.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

its a HEIST.

images: via asos (image effect by me)

Should the opportunity I am praying for present itself to me, I was searching for the perfect outfit for the occasion. Doing my daily web shopping (or window shopping as of now) I was looking for the shoe that made me scream YES!   Y O U !   YOU ARE THE ONE!  and clicking away I stumbled across this shoe on asos. At first I did not scream, so I wasn't sure it was "the one" and then it revealed that it came in four colors and I sat in silence, this.. is it? could it? I think.. and although I didn't shout out as I assumed I would when I found it. This shoe -- the Heist is indeed the perfect shoe I was looking for, and even more perfect because it came in the gold color I had originally set my mind on searching for and then I saw the other colors and no I was not looking for a leopard print and honestly I'm not too fond of leopard but this one with the rich black, chunky heel and suede bow turned me into a lover. The color blocked and navy pairs do it for me also, don't you think?

idk about you, but I'm smitten.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


images: personal

Over the July 4th weekend my best friend invited me to attend the PS1 MoMA exhibit with her sister who is an architect and a couple of her co-workers. Expecting to just be viewing artwork I was extremely surprised to walk into a super chic hipster party? We stayed outside for a little while enjoying the music, the scene and food and some drinks. Once we ventured inside to the exhibit things got a little strange.. there was lots of videography and as much as I'd like to explain what I saw there were no words.. you had to be there to understand the strange awkwardness, and while you were not allowed to take pics inside I managed to sneak a few so enjoy! xx

mid summer?

image: created by me via polyvore.

is it already July? where did the time go? the weather hasn't been all that great so far this summer but I'm trying to enjoy as much as I can of the good days.. I guess I've been so caught up enjoying my free time that I never grab my camera this is the first summer I am not working two jobs, or in school, or interning so I actually get to enjoy it, that will all change at the end of august when its back to responsibility and and school. in the mean time for the remainder of the summer I have a July resolution: start snapping pics! I'm promising myself I'm going to start outfit posting, but for now polyvore works for outfit ideas..

the skirt above is by Jack by BB dakota i absolutely fell in love with it the moment I saw it and I've been watching it online for a couple months I'd say I'm finally caving in and buying it because it's back in stock in my size on modcloth.com so I'm just going to convince myself it's fate (whatever makes me sleep at night right? haha)

Monday, June 27, 2011

shoe crave.

 images: via topshop.com

these remind me of the bright knotted giuseppe's i am in LOVE. bravo top shop but you're really killing my back account! how can you not love these bright knotted color blocked lucite heel platform pumps.. ahhhh I' drooling.